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Two best friends who decided to start this company out of pure love and respect for our bodies, minds, and spiritual health. spirituality isn’t just about connection for us - it’s about how we take care of ourselves down here. These candles are hand poured with love and pure intention, the crystals within the candles are reiki charged with a specific mood-boosting energy, and everything that is in these candles is nothing but good vibes.

We go the extra mile to make sure our high standards are met, so you can shop with ease, and trust that you are supporting your health, and mother earth.


From the people
From the people
I just received my home and burlap candles and I am absolutely in love!!!! The smells are amazing!10/10 definitely recommend!!
— Sammi Lou
From the people
I absolutely love my candle. Everything from the packaging to the scent, just perfect! ❤️❤️
— dawn
From the people
This is absolutely the best smell that has ever touched my nose. I feel like you figured out how to put Heaven in a fragrance. Great job girl! Nailed it!
— Aimee
From the people
I absolutely LOVE my Firefly candle! It's a sweet campfire scent and is so very calming while making my house smell AMAZING! Thank you White Horse Candle Co. ❤️ I can't wait to see what you put out next!
— Pamela
white horse candle co

our natural, cracking wicks

make our candles so cozy for any space

thoroughly researched

hand poured vegan candles made with non-toxic premium ingredients. 

extensively tested

phthalate and paraben free fragrance diffusers poured by hand for any space in your home.

wax melts

like our signature scents? wax melts are here, made from the same safe burn process