Homestead Candle


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Homestead Candle Details:

16oz | 454g

50+ hours of burn time

Open a window, breathe it all in. The magic of spring on your homestead, with a touch of flour on your apron from your freshly baked bread. It’s the feeling of gathering together, and celebrating the vibrant new life that spring can bring.

Fragrance notes: cinnamon + clove + eucalyptus + rosebuds

Each of our candles are poured by hand, using only the best ingredients. All of our products are free of pthalates, toxins, glutens, carcinogens, and mutagens.

Our wax is a creamy blend of apricot, coconut, and soy that is renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic and our crackling wooden wicks are responsibly sourced. Our candles are also infused with natural crushed mica that give you a beautiful shimmering pool of melted wax while lit. We select only the highest quality fragrance blends and essential oils that are free of pthalates and toxins to ensure clean burning candles that are good for you and the environment.

Our Homestead candle is embedded with natural rough calcite to aid in grounding, clarity, and nesting.

Each crystal is reiki charged by a certified level 2 Reiki healer with mood boosting energy to bring your heart and home all the good vibes. Please use the included bamboo tongs to remove your crystal from your candle once it has reached it's full burn time.