cleansing kit


Each cleansing kit includes:

+ white sage bundle

+ selenite wand

+ palo santo

+ hand poured (by us!) cement tray

+ hand tied (by us!) vegan feathering wand

*this kit does not include a candle or wick trimmer


Cleansing kit includes a handmade [by us!] cement bowl for cleansing, a white sage bundle including a palo santo cleansing piece, selenite wand, and a pampas grass hand tied [by us!] vegan feather. This cleansing set should be used to clear the energy in a room. To do so, simply open a window or a door, light your sage,  and walk around pushing the smoke/smudge in the air setting the intention to clear the space and energy. When this process is complete, either wait for the sage to burn out or use the cement bowl to put it out! Make sure to keep your selenite wand by your candle for best cleansing effect.


Each set is carefully crafted and packaged by hand, and will ship in approximately 2 weeks, or sooner if possible! Thank you for allowing us to make your order with the necessary time and care that it deserves.