firefly gold leaf diffuser


Bottle or Decanter
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We've sourced the highest grade ingredients that nature has to offer to bring you an all natural reed diffuser that really packs a punch! These diffusers are perfect for any space in your home or office, and especially places where an open flame is not appropriate. And yes, those are real gold flakes!

You can insert your reeds directly into your glass bottle, or purchase an additional square glass decanter. We love this option because then you can split your diffuser into two rooms of your home!

 Our diffusers are free of:

+ parabens

+ allergens

+ pthalates

+ glutens

+ carcinogens

+ mutagens

+ prop 65 ingredients

And as always, our diffusers are vegan and cruelty free and our bamboo reeds are made from renewable bamboo.

FIREFLY (signature)

Our firefly fragrance was made as a representation of friendship and fond memories. We wanted to embody that  feeling of gathering around a campfire with all of your best friends to watch the fireflies dance in the night. 

 Fragrance notes: sandalwood + amber + teakwood + cedar + tobacco

 Diffuser tip:

Don't forget to flip your bamboo reeds once a week for maximum fragrance throw!