starter gift set



the ultimate starter bundle to try out our brand, or give as a gift! All you have to do is select your fragrance, and we will do the rest. Packaged with the utmost thoughtfulness and care, our sustainable packaging is timeless and unique. 


each starter bundle includes:

+ hand poured candle & gemstone

+ diffuser decanter, diffuser oil,  &  bamboo reeds

+ tipped safety matches in glass bottle

+ black iron wick trimmer

Select your fragrance from the following options:


FIREFLY: teakwood + sandalwood + tobacco + amber

Our signature fragrance built around friendship, bonfires, and memories filled with laughter. Spark some joy in your life, and shine like you were made to do.


HOME: palo santo + black pepper + saffron + vanilla bean

Cleansing and grounding, this signature fragrance is custom blended in house, and evokes the calming feeling of familiarity and comfort, in a place we call home.

Want to send this package directly to a friend who just bought their first home? Add a personalized note for free!


BURLAP: myrrh + charred pumpkin + black amber + spiced citron

Our fall 2022 limited edition fragrance is made in the likes of cozy autumn nights, with the slightest hint of pumpkin blended with sensual myrhh to bring about new ideas and spark creativity. You've never smelled a fall scent so complex and sensory evoking!


SNOWFLAKE: cashmere cream + sugared vanilla + frosted clementine + white tea

Snowflake is that favorite cashmere sweater, cozy & warm- mixed with the bubbly celebration of christmas and holiday cheer. It's joyous and bright- a mingling of families and friends gathering together to make lasting memories and traditions.


PINE: fresh pine + chopped cedar + sandalwood + ground coconut

Pine is the most original christmas tree fragrance we've ever smelled. The fresh pine christmas tree balances with woodsy sandal and a hint of powdered coconut. You instantly feel the holidays, but it's wrapped in this sophisticated sweater! 


PRAYER: frankincense & myrrh + jasmine + sandalwood + patchouli

Our prayer fragrance comes from deep within our souther roots. It's that freshly oiled pew, and time spent on our knees. The power of prayer is something that's really hard to capture in a fragrance, but we hope lighting your prayer candle takes you to church no matter where you are. 

SOUL'S ANTHEM: virginia cedar + sandalwood + lavender + vetiver + rose

This grounding fragrance is the epitome of finding yourself. It has this gentle masculinity that is balanced perfectly with feminine floral tones. It's that reminder we all need to stop, pause, and breathe- a moment of true reflection.